How to have a Passive Income? 5 of 6

Updated: Nov 17

Membership Sites: Many websites now have an area that is protected by a membership-only portion. This is a very good idea as it means you can have free visitors that you can attract with an array of interesting and valued items and then suggest to them that they can get the full benefits of your site and save money by joining for a nominal fee. This can be a very powerful way to generate online income and operate a service-based business.

If you have your members paying a monthly or yearly fee to get access to a password-protected area where exclusive content is made available and you offer exceptional value and a broad interest base (or a specialized niche) to keep your customers happy as well as wanting to spread your business by word of mouth to others (one of the most productive methods of building an online business), you can transform an average site into a very profitable recurring income generating business, bringing a regular flow of income from the same customer base. One of the other benefits of a membership site is that you can start your site or launch it without it being totally complete. In fact, by only creating a small portion of your actual content, you can allow it to grow organically with content from your customers. This can be a huge benefit and you’re getting paid in advance.

This gives you the advantage of having a site that has content that people really want, you get quality, real-time feedback, which helps you to provide and ensure that you are creating a product or service-based site that is providing content that your customers want, and not just a site that has stuff that you think or hopes they might want. Often people will spend a lot of time, energy, and money developing a fantastic site that nobody really wants and so nobody will pay for. The secrets of internet marketing are to provide relevant information that people want in an easy-to-find and understand format and at a really affordable price, but it must be user-friendly and simple. The simpler the better as people will not bother if you complicate things.

Selling Software Selling software can be one of the most lucrative passive income streams you can try. Many people do not think of it because they do not have the experience or the technical skills such as programming, or the different types of software writing abilities, but this aspect is not important. The reason is that all of this can be done by other people who you can find on the web without much difficulty. Once you find a good program developer and have a good idea, (this is the important part), it becomes easy. If you can find a small, but the very useful product or service in an area that needs to be addressed and offer a solution for what is needed, the software you develop

does not have to be expensive or feature-rich to be successful. Often a small tool that solves a big need, if priced right, can be very profitable, getting back to those 3.5 billion people (plus an expected additional 3 billion over the next few years) on the net. If you can get $1 from 0.001% of those people you could be getting a return of $35,000 and If you can make that a recurring fee it becomes very profitable.

Website Services Nowadays everyone is starting a website or webpage, whether it’s using a home desktop PC, a laptop, or a handheld device, most people are not technically savvy. In fact, most are technically challenged. When setting up a website or page there are 101 things to do, including all kinds of setting up, programming and small tricks to know if you want things to look perfect. Most people cannot be bothered and would be willing to pay someone to do it for them. If you have any talent at setting up websites and anything related to website creation such as SEO, post writing, creating graphics, creating website themes, programming, etc, then you could easily sell your services to people who want them. Places to find these people are Upwork, Freelancer, or some of the other virtual assistance sites. People also look on Facebook, eBay Craigslist, etc.

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