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Starting an online business and becoming financially independent is now a realistic proposition for anyone who has a computer and internet access. Of the many different ways to go about doing this, some will provide a good return for your efforts, but unfortunately, many online businesses just do not succeed and people operating them fail to earn enough to make it worthwhile. There are many instances where someone has written an e-Blog and published it, or opened an online retail store, only to find there are no buyers The only way to make money anywhere is to have paying customers; the trick is how to get them. There are a few good ways to get customers or traffic to your website and this blog is about successful proven strategies that you can use to build a long term passive income from the internet. Some of the things that worked a few years ago are no longer viable because the internet is always changing, growing and evolving. With 3.5 billion existing customers using the net daily and another 3 billion potential customers in Africa, India, China and the rest of Asia, the sky is the limit for new businesses and an unlimited income source. Now is the perfect time to catch the so called “gravy train”, but you need traffic, quality content and to be prepared to do the necessary work (often quite a lot of work). But just doing the work is no guarantee of success; you have to be working in the right areas and doing the right things

Living from a “passive income” as it is called, is a term now used to describe the income people receive from the internet. It is called passive income because in theory most of the work is pre done and then you sit back and reap the benefits of your labor with little work involved. In practice, any online business will require ongoing maintenance, the amount needed depends on the site, it’s application and the product you are supplying. There are many different styles of internet businesses ranging from those that require a daily input to some that are totally automated.

Some internet businesses are realistic and practical ways to earn money on the net. Many people have written some sort of original intellectual property, such as a Blog, an online course, blog posts or similar, then set up an online store to promote their product. Whether they are made or created by the operator, or acquired from other sources, there is a considerable amount of time and energy needed to set up the site and customize it. Once all this is done and your site has gone live, you will then need to perform various marketing tasks such as promoting your site or posts and interacting with people on social media. Finding similar sites or blogs and giving quality feedback and comments is a great way to promote your own site as long as it is done in a positive way. A good blog or website has fresh quality content added on a regular basis to encourage people to keep coming back, not just pre-loaded with content and left to stagnate. Much of the material in a blog or website can come from someone else you hire to write the post for you, but you’re the one who has to edit them, schedule them, and oversee the whole operation. All of these things are not passive at all and the profits, if any, can be very allusive if you are not careful.

There are hundreds of get rich schemes that pop up all the time. They usually follow the same pattern or similar rag to riches “Cinderella Story”, where this person was on the verge of bankruptcy or committing suicide because they were so desperate. Then, because of the love of their family or their dog, they decided to give the internet just one last shot, or they stumbled across a person who, for whatever reason, gave them an instant formula to make fantastic amounts of money. Now they make a 6-figure income working less than 1 hour daily while sitting on their private beach in the middle of a private paradise that they paid for in cash after only 1 year of using this formula. Now they want to give back and are offering this information free to you if you part with…wait for it…not $1200, or $600…or even $100. It is yours today exclusively and only for specially selected people at today’s spot price of $9.99, but hurry this offer is limited, (please do not trip over the huge pile of B-S).

This or some similar such dribble will only make money for the person who is selling the scheme. If you want to take the time, and have the ability to create a fantasy similar to the one above, it is a reasonable way to make a passive income for a while, although you have to live with yourself knowing you are just ripping people off (usually desperate people who cannot afford it).

There is no doubt that a few people will make an easy dollar on the internet, but most people will struggle at least at first, finding it hard to make the same as you would if you had a normal job. But if you are prepared to put in the time and energy needed it is a very good and sound way to provide a lasting long term income.

Building a solid long term passive income on the internet requires several things; the most important is having traffic. Traffic is the term used to describe the people coming or visiting your website. it is a simple formula: the more people who visit your site, the more money you can make; no traffic, no money, full stop. It does not matter how good or how cheap your product or service offer is, if there is no one to see it then no one will buy it. The second very important thing is having something other people want and are willing to pay you to get it. The next important thing is your credibility on the net. This, like traffic, can take some time to build up, but there are several ways to speed it up.

You can buy a mailing list off the internet with hundreds and sometimes thousands of email addresses, but these are usually of little value for several reasons. These lists are old and have been used by many people to try to sell their stuff so the response level is very low. The other reason these lists are of dubious value is because you are better to try and get quality leads of people who have expressed an interest in whatever you are offering rather than just firing emails that will end in most people’s spam or junk mail files. If it even gets past their spam blockers.

This blog will explore 30 different methods to making a long term passive income. It will advise you of some of their good and bad points, advantages and drawbacks, so you can make an informed decision on the best way for you to proceed.

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