How to get the most from your Gig image, a Fiverr guide.

Updated: Oct 28

Success begins with a great Gig image

In business, image is everything and first impressions count.

When potential buyers see your Gig, a great first impression is a key to reeling them in. To put it simply, if buyers find your Gig appealing, they are more likely to click through and take the time to review your service.

Your online representation influences and boosts potential buyers’ excitement about the product or service offered. Be sure to use Gig images that stand out to attract buyers and generate more revenue.

In short, a great Gig image will lead to more sales and revenue. Here is how to make the most out of using these Gig image guidelines to help you succeed in the marketplace.

General guidelines

Note: Guidelines are also applied to Gig video and audio thumbnails. If you need guidance, when creating your Gig image, our dedicated Gig image experts are here to help.

  1. Recommended image size Recommended image size is 1280 x 769 px, 72 Dots Per Inch (DPI). Minimum: 712 x 430 px Maximum 4000 x 2416 px

  2. Resizing images If you’re using a Mac, use Preview. On Windows, use Photo Gallery. Other free tools are available online. Need additional help? Reach out to our Gig image experts.

  3. Image quality Use sharp, clear, high-resolution, and eye-catching images that stand out to potential buyers. Avoid blurry, pixelated, stretched, or “squished” images.

  4. Number of images per Gig Keeping it simple is best, and for that reason, you can upload more than one image (up to three).

  5. Image usage and commercial rights Only use images that you have permission to use.

  6. Be accurate and don’t use “clickbait” Clickbait or misleading content can be frustrating for potential buyers, even lower your ranking in search results, and damage a Gig’s reputation. Be sure to only use images that accurately represent your service and directly relate to the service provided.

  7. Relevancy Gig images must directly relate to the service provided—random images can damage a Gig's reputation and lower editorial pick possibility.

  8. Use as little text as possible Remember, keep it simple. Avoid repeating text that’s already somewhere else in your Gig card.

  9. Make your Gig stand out If you have more than one Gig, each Gig’s image and message must be unique.

  10. Name your image file Make your Gig easier to find by using a file name that’s clear and relevant. This can be valuable in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your Gig can be found in search results.

  11. Be authentic and ethical If you’d like to use a photo of yourself, feel free to do so, we encourage authenticity. Make sure any image of yourself is clear, displays your face, and follows Fiverr’s standards. Learn more with Fiverr's Community Standards.

  12. Objectionable content is not accepted Example: Adult material or hate speech. For more, see Fiverr’s Community Standards.

  13. Don’t use Fiverr logos or badges Fiverr automatically includes badges for you, so there is no need to add additional Fiverr logos, rating, seller level, or any other badges to your Gigs—this will flag your Gig and will be removed.

  14. Never share contact information Do not use any private information on your Gig images—including contact information. This applies to both individual and business information of you or the client, and all communication should take place within Fiverr.

  15. Compliance Gig images must meet Fiverr's Terms of Service and Fiverr's Community Standards. If your Gig doesn’t meet the policies’ standards (ex. offensive content, adult material, hate speech, etc.), it will be removed.

Guidelines for different types of Gig images

Using text overlay

Use as little text as possible (maximum 10 words)

Do not repeat your Gig’s title in Gig images. Too much text can be overwhelming, and adding different text to help clarify your Gig to potential buyers is more effective than repeating your title. It’s important that your text is concise and visually easy to read. Make sure to use up to 10 words totalusing less is best.

Consider the contrast

In order to have your text pop in a graphic, make sure it stands out from the background, just like the examples previously shown above.

Embedded text

If you want to include additional text on top of your work sample (text on the image), make sure that it's very clear and easy to read. Keep contrast in mind—the color of your text should be darker than your background if it is light, or lighter than your background if it is dark.

3rd party logos: dos and don’ts

Image usage rights

Do not use logos of other companies or platforms without owner consent or license holder permission. Learn more with Fiverr's Terms of Service for each logo.

Clear and easy to read

Keep your Gig images clean and simple by not overcrowding them with too many logos or text.

If you choose to include text, make sure it’s easy to read.

  • Add up to 10 words for your text, but not more than that

  • Add up to 5 graphics/logos of relevant platforms (ex. social media)

  • The color of your text/graphics should be darker than the background color, or much lighter than the background color (otherwise it will be hard to read the text)

Using a picture of yourself

Note: The following relates to using a picture within a Gig image only, and does not apply to your seller profile.

Keep it real and upload a star-quality picture of yourself take a photo of yourself from a front-facing angle to convey a sense of authenticity and trust. Be sure not to misrepresent yourself in any way. Learn more with Fiverr's Community Standards.

Image orientation

When you take a picture of yourself, use the horizontal mode. Crop the image to the correct proportions (use the recommended image size guide above).

Visually neat and clean

High-quality photos are clear, well-lit, and focused. Make sure that your photos are/have:

  • Good and clear lighting (avoid dark images, you and your background should be easily visible)

  • A basic background (plain backgrounds are best)

  • Not blurry or pixelated

Showcasing your work

Show off your best works

Your sample gallery will be a total of three images to showcase your best skills and work, with one image starring the main one.

Pick three samples to upload as images that will both appeal to potential buyers and keep you proud—make sure your main one is the best one, of course.

Include only one sample of work per image, so that potential buyers can quickly understand your work—avoid making collages.

Show your results

Uploading before-and-after images is a great way to show buyers what you can achieve. However, it’s important not to overdo this because it will be confusing and overwhelming. Make sure to use only one before-and-after example for each image you upload.

Zoom in for details

Sometimes, it's better to only show a specific part of a project to capture a buyer's interest. Using a close-up image to emphasize key details can help accomplish this. We also encourage attaching a PDF if you have a long document.


Use mockups to help buyers imagine the final product. This can help both inspire and ensure confidence. Using stock images

Image quality

Make sure that images are high-quality and clear (not blurry or pixelated). This will help ensure that you’re providing high-quality service and results, too.

Commercial rights

Make sure that you have the right to use images for commercial purposes. Note: In all Design categories, images must be original. In all other categories, confirm that you have permission to upload the image before doing so.

Visually neat and clean

When it comes to images, we recommend clean and visually pleasing images. For graphics, try using simple ones that aren’t overwhelming to the eye.

Combining text, graphics, and photos

Less is more

Make sure the image is pleasing to the eye—avoid too much text or unnecessary visuals.

Organize the information

Include just enough information to grasp your audience’s attention, but not too much that they get overwhelmed or confused looking at your graphic.

The key is for potential buyers to get an accurate feel for your service and style with a quick glance. Utilize the main object in the image/text by making it stand out from the background.

Sparking up your inspiration

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we’ve got a few samples for you to fuel your inspiration and create a great Gig image.

In summary

The way you represent yourself undoubtedly impacts your potential business on Fiverr. Make the right impression, send the right message, and stand out right from the very start of your Gig journey. If you need any additional assistance to improve and update your Gig, our dedicated Gig image experts are here to help.

Take things to the next level with your professional images by using the Gig image guidelines discussed above. To edit and update your Gig images, go to your Gigs dashboard, and select the Gig you’d like to edit.

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