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How to effectively use Facebook Marketing.

Many social networking applications are available today. Facebook, however, is the reigning champion. This platform is much more than just a place for communication with people. In recent years, it has become a place where businesses can promote themselves and any products or services and interact with existing and potential customers. In this update, we take a look at the different ways to use Facebook for marketing. Regardless of the size of your business, Facebook is an excellent marketing tool.

Make the Most of the Business Page

A free marketing tool for businesses is your business’s Facebook page. On this page, businesses and brands can not only post information about their products and services, but can also post links, images, and text. This page can be customized to help the target audience understand the persona of the business or brand. Your Facebook corporate page will help you develop your brand identity and allow you to show the human side of your business. You do not have to be formal when posting content on Facebook; you can loosen up your tie a little.

You have to consider what content your potential audience will see. You can post images on social networks, links, videos, etc. if this is relevant to your business and you think your audience appreciates it.

For example, if you own a local shoe store, maybe you can post videos of animals walking around in tiny shoes, or you may publish an article that will provide readers with information on how to measure the size of their feet and shoe type or inserts that help with pain in the legs and other benefits. The content you publish should be entertaining, educational, and content updates to your business.

Facebook has a personalized form of advertising in the form of Facebook Ads. They appear in the page columns of the Facebook site. They contain a title, a slogan, a picture, and a link that redirects the user to another Facebook page, a Facebook-linked application, or even an external website. By incorporating Facebook advertising into your Facebook marketing strategy, you can increase the number of likes or clicks on the site.

Advertising features on Facebook include demographic targeting (which uses user data based on their age, location, education, and interests). You can set advertising budgets and test ads (multiple versions can be tested simultaneously to compare their designs and settings), which are built-in tools to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

Facebook does not publish the click-through rate or the CTR data, so their overall effectiveness is unknown. Facebook ads have a click-through rate of 0.051%, and the average CPC (Cost per click) is about $ 0.80. However, these costs may vary depending on the targeting options and the competition. Once the user likes your page, they essentially become subscribers to your corporate page. All your messages and actions are displayed in their newsfeed. This will increase the number of users interacting with your business and help build relationships that can lead to conversions in the foreseeable future. You will learn more about the different costs involved later on in this blog.

Facebook Contests

Another marketing tactic for Facebook that can help you increase your fan base and visibility is through contests or sweepstakes. If you are hosting a contest on Facebook, you should understand that these contests cannot be done through Facebook—as in, if you are hosting a contest where the winner will be decided based on the most number of likes or comments received on a specific post, it does get tedious to manually go through all the posts. Instead, using a third-party application is a good idea.

Most businesses use third-party applications to create a Facebook competition, and then they redirect users from the Facebook page to this application. There are several free and paid applications that you can use for it. Applications like ShortStack provide you with different competition templates, and Pagemodo is a free application for Facebook competitions. An example of a simple Facebook contest idea is “like to win” content. If your business wants to increase its online visibility, then this is a good contest to conduct. The users merely need to like a specific post on your page to enter the contest, and the winner can be chosen through a lucky draw.

Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook page owners must pay a fee to ensure that their posts reach a certain number of users in order to increase their reach and impressions through the use of advertised Facebook messages. Some may wonder why they have to pay for their subscribers to see their contribution. Well, if the user likes the page, the information and updates to this page should be displayed in their news feed, right?

The answer might not always be "yes." The above assumption only works if the user spends all of their time on the Facebook newsfeed. That does not happen often, does it? Who will spend all their time watching the news feed on Facebook?

Therefore, it is likely that the user will not see updates to your page in their news feed. If your subscriber views their newsfeed as and when your article is published, chances are the user will see your post. However, there is no guarantee that this will be done.

So, this is where the concept of sponsored posts comes in. Through a sponsored post, you can increase the chance of being seen in the user's newsfeed. Sponsored posts are visible to existing fans and can connect with fans' friends. Configuring the promoted messages is easy. Just click on the button that appears below the messages on your page.

Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph connects your Facebook page with other sites for your business. This allows companies to mark the actions of a particular user in their application. Billions of interactions are published daily with the Facebook Open Graph.

Businesses can create third-party applications that contact the user and send notifications to Facebook when that user performs a specific action with that application. This provides the opportunity for creative interaction options that go beyond the usual Like and Comment parameters. Messages can encourage users to listen, to try, to read, or to offer something creative that a business has to offer. In most cases, a website or application that prompts the user to log in to Facebook has something to do with the user's connection through the open Facebook graphic. Spotify is an example of how Facebook Open Graph becomes an incredibly useful tool in Facebook marketing. It all starts with an invitation to open Facebook. Normally, this is followed by a permission request, and most users usually click on it without thinking about it. Upon receiving user approval, Spotify may broadcast the songs the user hears in a friend's news feed. Spotify offers users various options, such as the favorite song that your friend listens to that you can now listen to or to even add it to your favorites in the Spotify app.

Open graphics options like these are unique and different from all the clutter that is usually present in the user's newsfeed. Most Facebook games typically use the Facebook Open Graph options when they post a notification, when a user unlocks a level, or when a user completes a level. This strategy seeks to leverage the concept of word-of-mouth marketing.

Sponsored Stories

This is a type of advertising on Facebook that shows user interactions with their friends.

Sponsored Stories aims to maximize the use of word of mouth. For example, if a user sees their friends like this page, they are more likely to notice this page. The goal of Sponsored Posts is to make users do the same things as their friends. When a friend of a user likes a page or announces a proposal, information about it is published in the user's newsfeed. However, these messages are usually easily overlooked. With Sponsored Stories, you can ensure that these posts are in a preferred position and appear in the news feed and the right pane. For mobile devices, Sponsored Stories is the only ad format available.

Advertising stories are not just about likes or offers; they can also be used with all Facebook Open Graph applications. If a friend has Scramble with Friends installed on Facebook, Sponsored Stories show users their friend just played this game and invited them to "challenge them" or "play with them" or another similar option. They are more effective than regular Facebook ads. Use the Facebook ad creation flow to create ad stories on Facebook easily.

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With Facebook, advertisers can maximize the re-targeting of Facebook ads with real-time bidding. Advertisers can focus on their potential audience using data about the history of their web search. Each time a user visits a product page on a merchant's website but does not make a purchase, they can use FBX (Facebook Exchange) on Facebook to run an ad for the same product. Previously, Facebook ads with retargeting were shown in the sidebar, but these ads have been shown in the news feed these days. This is good news for all FBX advertisers as the speed of responses to ads in the newsfeed is higher than the number of ads placed in the right column.

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