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Has the Living Real-Time and Mobile Changed Everything We Do.

The two most important trends not only for marketers and PR pros but for salespeople and customer services types alike is to understand the importance of real-time and the rise of mobile.

Real-time means that news breaks over minutes, not days. It means that ideas percolate, and then suddenly and unpredictably go viral to a global audience. It's when companies develop (or refine) products or services instantly, based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace. And it's when businesses see an opportunity and are the first to act upon it. However, too many companies leave themselves fatally exposed by flying blind through this new media environment.

Real-time engagement is about reacting instantly to what's happening in the market, following up on opportunities in seconds, and inserting your company into stories being reported by mainstream media. Those skilled at long-term campaign creation frequently lack the necessary skills of instant engagement. So an understanding of real-time media is essential.

While marketing is the provision of content to many potential customers, sales and service are now about the provision of content to buyers one at a time based on their needs.

You can engage desktop-computer users when they're at their desks. Sometimes you can engage notebook users at Starbucks. But only when users go mobile can you engage all of the people in real-time all of time. That's why mobile devices are the fastest-growing and most fascinating field in real-time market engagement. We need to understand the ramifications of people being constantly plugged in and looking for information while on the go.

Slowly over nearly a decade, the importance of these ideas has caught on with marketers and public relations people. Today, tens of thousands of organizations around the world have teams who are creating content to publish on their websites, writing blogs, and creating online videos, as well as engaging in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And many are operating in a true real-time fashion and understand mobile. In just a few short years we've gone from skepticism to deployment by many companies, nonprofits, and other outfits.

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