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Owners Direct is setting the new trend for promoting, advertising and marketing. We encourage your postings to be shareable, relatable, professional, and eye-catching to enhance every member’s experience. Having a well-designed and professional-looking posting, advertisement or profile can have a huge impact on how many leads your efforts are able to generate. Our members anticipate sharing us in their social circles to captivate direct and promising prospects with an ever growing community of owners allowing buyers to find the right source at the right price, making the Owners Direct a prominent and thriving community.








Pre_launch_of_Website and_Content.

The team at Owners Direct launched the first owner's community site dedicated to entrepreneurs, owners, developers, and creators as a starting point with a community-driven narrative and development.

Q1 - 2023


Develop the #1 Owner's Community Web-App that will allow entrepreneurs and current product owners a platform on which to display, promote and share their amazing products and great content directly. 

Q2 - 2023

Social_Integration _and Community_Projects  

Integration of our Web-App within other social media while at the same time being of a greater and more important value in restructuring the social norms towards B2B practices.

Q3 - 2023

Mobile_App_Proposal _and_ Community_Projects

Development of the Mobile App that will be operational on current and future devices and operating systems.

Q4 - 2023



Enhancing Owners Direct will be the direct contribution given to and voted for by the community and endorsed by members only.


Collaboration_Between_  Community_Projects

The frontier of the next year's proposals will be initiated within Q1 of 2024.

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